About Us

Lingen Davies Cancer Fund

The Charity is committed to improving cancer services for the relief of cancer patients in Shropshire and Mid Wales, through the provision of specialist equipment and buildings. Over the years the Charity has invested millions to improve the facilities for local cancer patients.


Bernard Lingen, as Mayor of Shrewsbury in 1979, with the help of local accountant Frank Davies, launched the Cobalt Unit Trust Fund to raise funds to build and equip a new Radiotherapy Department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, so that people with cancer in Shropshire and Mid Wales could receive their treatment and care locally.

Since 1979, the Charity has continued with its commitment by raising funds to provide new buildings and equipment to give a more comfortable and suitable environment for local cancer patients.

In 1994, the Charity changed its name to the Lingen Davies Cancer Relief Fund in recognition of the hard work and dedication of Bernard Lingen and Frank Davies.

Over the years, the charity has funded:

  • The Cobalt Unit & Cancer Ward (Radiotherapy Department) (1982)
  • Simulator (used for treatment and planning (1988)
  • The Hamar Help & Support Centre (1991)
  • New Linear Accelerator (1995)
  • The Chemotherapy Day Unit (2000)
  • Second Linear Accelerator (2002)
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound Machine (2004)
  • Children's Cancer Rainbow Unit (2004)
  • Lingen Davies Cancer & Haematology Centre (2012)

On 1st April 2013, we changed our name again to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund to emphasise the work we still need to do to help improve facilities for cancer patients across Shropshire and Mid Wales.