Current Appeal

£750,000 target reached!

Our ACTION Appeal jigsaw totaliser is complete (see picture, below).

At the start of the appeal in January 2015, the £750,000 target seemed huge and a long way off but fundraisers, donors and supporters across Shropshire and Mid Wales took up the challenge and used their initiative and imagination to raise the funds needed. There were zipwire challenges, coffee mornings, sponsored runs, walks, swims and bike rides. One person climbed Ben Nevis in a Storm Trooper's suit, another organised a comedy night. Supporters of all ages made creative use of their ideas, skills and connections and together they have achieved something amazing. Huge thanks to all of them!

ACTION Appeal Plus

Patients and staff told the charity how much a new linear accelerator would help in reducing waiting times in future, so when our Trustees were asked to consider a smaller appeal for a piece of equipment that would enhance treatment even further, they were delighted to be able to help. The charity's new appeal will raise funds for a special couch that works with the linear acceleratoor to enhance patients' treatment. The couch can be tilted in various planes to allow accurate delivery of radiotherapy to tumour sites that have moved, perhaps because the patient has lost weight as treatment has progressed. This means that patients will not have to go through additional appointments, waiting and scans, while their treatment programme is being re-planned. There will be more news on our appeal to raise £166,000 for a PitchPerfect™  couch on this page soon. Meanwhile... if you are inspired by the photos above, why not launch your own fundraising event to support the appeal? 


Lingen Davies Cancer Fund launched the ACTION appeal on Saturday 10th January 2015.

The charity has pledged to raise £750,000 by the end of 2016 to help fund an additional world class Linear Accelerator (LINAC) for the Cancer and Haematology Centre at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

A LINAC is a machine that delivers radiotherapy treatment to cancer patients. The department already has two machines, but a third is desperately needed so that waiting times for treatment do not increase.

Our Aim is to ensure that as many patients as possible in Shropshire and Mid-Wales can receive radiotherapy treatment quickly and with minimum disruption to their daily lives. Without our fundraising, people would have to travel to other hospitals much further afield.

radiographers standing next to LINAC

Radiotherapy staff with one of the current LINAC machines

Why a LINAC?

  • 50% of patients diagnosed with cancer require radiotherapy treatment.
  • Demand for radiotherapy treatment in our unit is growing by 5% per year.
  • Patients have to make daily visits for radiotherapy treatment over a number of days or weeks and our fundraising will ensure they can be treated as close to home as possible.
  • The LINAC will deliver a targeted dose of high-energy radiation to either shrink tumours or destroy smaller tumours.
  • The advanced technology of the machine allows radiotherapy treatment to be targeted even more precisely, minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Clinical staff at the hospital will be able to develop and deliver advanced radiotherapy techniques for certain types of cancer due to the high-level performance of the machine.

 Lingen Davies Cancer Fund needs YOUR help to raise £750,000 to fund this piece of specialist equipment.