Our legacy promises

Family comes first

It is only right for you to think of your family and loved ones first.

Your privacy is paramount

Your will is very personal and as such your privacy will always be respected; we will never ask you for details.

It's OK to change your mind

We appreciate that personal circumstances change and that you may wish to change your mind about a legacy request.

It's your decision, you don't have to tell us

It's lovely to hear from people who have left the charity a gift in their will, but you don't have to and we won't ask.

Be kept informed

If you do let us know, you can choose if and how you want to hear about the work we do.

Any gift you leave will be used effectively

We are dedicated to ensuring that the funds are used directly to help cancer patients in Shropshire and Mid Wales.

Your wishes are important

We will, whenever possible, respect your wishes on how your gift is spent.