Do your own fundraising

A great way to raise money for the Charity is to organise your own event. The Appeal’s Office is able to help you in many ways including providing, posters, tickets and flyers as well as promoting your event.

Please contact the Appeal’s Office on 01743 492396 or when you have decided on your event.

Organising a Fundraising Event

  • Choose a date, remember to give yourself enough time to organise it. Research in to when other big events are going on in the area so you don’t clash.
  • Choose a venue that is suitable, make sure it has all the facilities you require and ask if you need a licence for your type of event (please refer to the Guideline to Fundraising)
  • Make sure you are aware of what costs you will incur (and when.) You need to be aware of what you need to do to cover your costs (e.g. how many tickets need to be sold.) Always see what you can get donated.
  • Contact the Appeal’s Office, to let us know what you are doing. We will send you a ‘Guidelines to Fundraising’ booklet, which covers all the things you need to consider when organising an event.
  • The Appeal’s Office is able to provide help with a range of publicity material, as well as sponsor forms and letters of authority. Collection cans, buckets, Gift Aid forms, banners etc can also be requested from the office.

After the event

  • Thank everyone who helped on the day, if you would like letters to come from the Charity, please let us know who needs to be acknowledged
  • Please send in the money as soon as possible (cheques made payable to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.)
  • Consider whether you want to do a cheque presentation and contact the Appeal’s Office to arrange.